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Deriving its origins from the school of hatha yoga, Anusara approaches yoga with a "Non-Dual Tantra." Teaching that life is good, and everything is connected through the Supreme Consciousness. This philosophy directly influences the methodology used in class. Combining spiritual wellness with bio-mechanics every movement and pose are coordinated with the breath, while instructors will help students achieve proper alignment with their pose. Each class concludes with Savasana accompanied by a moment of quiet or meditation to focus on the teachings and spiritual experience of the class.

Know also as "Vinyasa yoga" and a close relative of classical Indian yoga. Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures - producing intense internal heat and a copious, purifying sweat that detoxifies the body. Resulting in improving circulation, a light and strong physique, and a calm mind.

Hatha Yoga represents a system of physical techniques supplementary to a broad conception of yoga, and is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world. Hatha Yoga uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop strength, flexibility, awareness, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and deliberate actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well being to the practitioner.

Hot yoga refers to any number of yoga styles performed under hot and humid conditions, but is most typically associated with Bikram yoga. The idea of adding heat and increased humidity while practicing yoga is to increase the individual's flexibility and endurance. Performance Yoga offers Hot Yoga classes for all levels from beginners to the advanced.

To avoid injury, before taking a Hot Yoga class, it is wise to consult with the trainer to see what level is best for you.

Lyengar Yoga lives by the simple words of its creator, Yogacharya B.K.S. Lyengar, “Research based experience” and "experienced based research." This form of yoga is meant for all. Poses (especially standing postures) are typically held much longer than in other schools of yoga. This allows the practitioners to become more aware of the bodies position and adjust to obtain proper position of body, mind and spirit. Lyengar Yoga works in coordination with props like chairs, blocks, belts and ropes to help the practitioner achieve perfection in any asana.

Performance Yoga offers certifications in all classes and also offers certification as a yoga instructor. All participants will receive a certificate of completion when all course requirements are met, but to become a fully certified through the Yoga Alliance, you must also complete or have completed a full 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training Program

Performance Yoga offers a six week training class that can be either taken online or on site, in beautiful Tampa, FL with an option of attending a one week Dead Sea Excursion. Please contact us for course dates and costs.

Class Schedule

Teacher Training

RYT- Certification

Tampa or On-line training: 6 weeks

Optional Dead Sea Excursion – Amman, Jordan: 6 days / 7 nights. Includes Ashtanga Teacher Training Certification. Excursion on last week of the 6 Week Course at our Tampa Studios.



Find your moment at Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa. Enjoy superb leisure facilities that cater to your needs. Soak in the sun at the pool or stroll along the curving promenade all with spectacular views of the Dead Sea.

Our Instructors


Your body expresses numerous dimensions of self... physical, psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and energetic layers. Learning to listen to your body deepens awareness and insight in how to improve performance and excel with a sense of peace, happiness, compassion, and presence.

As an athlete we know that movement – and our desire to maximize our physical capabilities – must be challenging and focused to surpass our perceived limits. But through movement, we carry our life experiences within and can release tension and emotional turmoil, while tuning into our body signals, and deepening energy awareness… resulting in the connection with our true self. At Performance Yoga, we get there by weaving movement, meditative stillness, flexibility & strength training, inner balance and energy awareness to achieve optimal health & performance.

Benefits of Performance Yoga


Q. What is Yoga?

A. The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and in, contemporary practice, is often interpreted as “union.” The purpose of yoga is to unit the body, mind and spirit.

Q. I don't think I'm very flexible. Will I be able to do yoga?

A. Contrary to popular belief, being flexible isn’t a prerequisite for practicing yoga! Some people are born naturally flexible, others have to work a little longer to attain their optimum flexibility. A regular yoga practice will definitely increase your flexibility. However, flexibility isn’t yoga’s only goal or its only benefit. The ultimate benefit of yoga -- to promote radiant health inside and out -- can be experienced by everyone, regardless of whether or not they can touch their toes!

Q. How many times per week should I practice?

A. Even if you only practice one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice. If you can do more than that you will certainly experience more benefits. We suggest starting with two or three times a week. Don’t let time constraints or unrealistic goals be an obstacle—do what you are able and don’t stress about it. You will likely find that over time your aspiration to practice expands naturally.

Q. What type of yoga does Performance Yoga teach?

For a full list and description of our yoga classes, click here.

Q. Which yoga class or method should I take or practice?

A. Yoga is a personal choice and the form you decide to practice should be decided by what you wish to obtain from it. Our instructors and staff will help you find the right style to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Q. When should I practice yoga?

A. Similar to what class to take, this is entirely up to you, but we suggest avoid eating 3-4 hours beforehand. This is because you will be twisting and bending - things that are not very comfortable with a full belly.

Some people enjoy early morning sessions, yoga before lunch or a relaxing class in the evening, just find a time that works for you and schedule your classes so you don't forget.

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Performance Yoga

All-around Fitness

Mental, physical, and emotional balance is possible to achieve through yoga. The search for greater physical and spiritual connection using different yoga practices not only improves our body posture, breathing, and concentration abilities; it also takes us into an epic internal journey, restoring self-confidence and sense of purpose.

Weight Loss

Contrary to some people's beliefs that yoga is a purely spiritual tradition, this ancient science covers a range of styles and techniques that can be used according to each individual’s needs. An unbalanced liver, thyroid gland, body pH, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, internal heat, heart rate, or colon tend to be the major causes of weight gain. Through an intelligent practice of yoga, not only will the excess weight is quickly shed, but health is also restored.

Stress Relief

We live in a world of constant problem solving. It’s no wonder more people are turning to yoga. After years of reinforcement, our brain learns to handle stress automatically by activating anxious neural exchanges. The regular practice of yoga, postures, pranayama, and meditation relaxes muscles, slows down breathing and pushes the brain away from automatically invoking this stress response.

Inner Peace

Yoga offers a wealth of comfort for anyone needing emotional, physical or mental healing. The consistent practice and mastering of techniques such as panoramas, kriyas, chanting, and meditation help reduce pain and offer great relief to the mind and soul, ultimately leading to inner peace.

Improve Immunity

The art of meditation provides consistent physical relief. Stress and bad eating habits cause our immune systems to suffer, but the positive effects of yoga in our muscles and organs are the first step in a long chain of physical improvements. Certain yoga poses can help boost circulation, blood cell levels, clear bronchial congestion, and expand the chest area, even more than traditional exercises.

Greater Awareness

We have always struggled with living the now because our past always seems better than it actually was, and we hope the future is better than our present. Yoga is a direct path to mindfulness, the practice of embracing present thoughts and sensations. By freezing the race from one thought to another and training our minds to stay in the moment, we are able to enrich mental awareness and make the best our of every moment we come across.

Better Relationships

One of the many benefits of yoga and meditation is including proper breathing techniques into our everyday behavior almost intuitively. This helps overcome negative memories and manage sensitive relationship matters more positively and objectively.

Increased Energy

Ten minutes of yoga or meditation can make the difference between natural energy throughout the day and prolonged periods of exhaustion. During yoga, you are affecting the circulatory and nervous systems, unblocking energy along your spine and many organs.

Better Flexibility & Posture

Flexibility and posture are two of the most obvious benefits of yoga. Incorporating yoga in our daily routine allows muscles and joints to stretch regularly, prevents poor posture, and gradually pushes and enhances our bending ability and range of motion.

Better Intuition

As one of the stages of spiritual awakening, yoga and meditation contribute to the heightening of our awareness and sensitivity levels. When the mind is calm, attune, and accepting, meditation becomes a window to our cognitive and emotional inner self.

Heidi Templeton

Heidi trained as a competitive gymnast until she was 18, but nine years ago Heidi was diagnosed with a spinal condition. She chose to make Yoga part of her rehabilitation, and fell in love with the practice. By 2010 Heidi began teaching Vinyasa. It wasn’t long after that she was introduced to Ashtanga, and felt so inspired by the practice that she finished her RYT certification in Ashtanga Yoga. She finished her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. As an instructor, Heidi’s classes consist of inspiration to carry off the mat for a full mind, body and spirit practice.

Heidi considers teaching one of the biggest blessings in her life. It was a true “ah ha” moment, when she started teaching. She feels that she has found her purpose and strives to inspire others through the inspiration she receives from the practice.

Aside from teaching, Heidi enjoys being with her husband John and daughter Harlow. I love being outside whether on a paddle board, riding bikes, going on hikes with our dogs, reading inspirational books to deepen my practice and philosophy, creating new and funky flows for classes, or cooking up delicious vegan meals.

Heidi also leads pre and post natal yoga, therapeutic yoga at Footprints Beachside Recovery, and Stand Up Paddle Yoga, and writes health and wellness blogs for My Yoga Online, Huffington Post, and the Elephant Journal.


Megan's been teaching yoga for five years, after completing her trainings through Yogafit and has her 200 HR RYT in Ashtanga yoga through Ally Ford. Her favorite type of yoga class to teach is beginner’s and restorative yoga. She enjoys the opportunity to introduce yoga into people's lives, breaking down the poses and explaining the benefits of yoga.

Megan's main practice is Mysore, but her love for yoga started with hot yoga. Yoga has also helped improve her second passion, Crossfit. Learning to use the breath in yoga has helped to use proper breath for Crossfit - because, if you're not breathing, you're not doing yoga. Yoga is a perfect compliment to a workout regimen - not only just physically, but mentally as well by training the mind to clear mental obstacles that stop us from achieving our goals.

The best feeling is to get to teach something that you're so passionate about and the satisfaction in life you get when you see and feel what it does for your students and other yogis that's share the same passion.

"One of my favorite interactions, I received was when a student walked out after (a class) and told me that she didn't even realize that I wasn't playing any music during the class. This lets me know that her mind was in her practice, not getting lost in her surroundings or her own thoughts."

RYT-200, BFA

Vlad's first exposure to yoga was at a very early age. He has over 14 years of continues yoga practice and over 10 years as a Yoga instructor with various studios and health clubs in the US and Europe, and has been the owner and co-founder of New Day Yoga Studio since August of 2005 until May of 2013. He has studied and practiced various styles of Yoga including Dynamic Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, Krama, Restorative, and Hot Yoga. Vlad is certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance of America at 200 hour level. He is certified Laughter Yoga Leader. He has a BFA degree from the Kansas City Art Institute in Graphic Design and Illustration and has completed a year of his graduate degree in Computer Generated Arts from University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Vlad has survived a stroke due to a condition known as PFO. He has undergone a heart procedure, and survived a serious car accident. He was able to recover completely and is thankful to be alive and experience the healing power of yoga. "I have found yoga to be extremely helpful in reversing almost all of the damages, including the symptoms of my Hashimoto condition. My doctors are encouraging me to continue with my yoga practice."

Vlad has experience with flexibility training, restorative yoga and meditation/relaxation techniques. He feels strongly that your Yoga Practice should be as unique as you are. He also believes that balance, strength and flexibility are some of the most important elements of our lives. Whether you're looking for restorative training, weight control, relaxation enhancement, balance enhancement, or just to feel better about your body, Vlad can help you achieve your goals and develop more independent, productive lifestyle. "We are going to allow our bodies to teach us the art of surrender in our own practice, rather than trying to impose our will on them."


Yoga and meditation have the power to improve your intuitive ability so that you effortlessly realize what needs to be done, when and how, to yield positive results. It works. You only need to experience it yourself.